The Che Su Supremacy


Worth at $900 million, the purchase of 18 Su-30mkm planes from Russian company, Rosoboronexport mark a significant event in national and regional defence industry. The aircraft were developed by Sukhoi company and then later being built by Irkut Corp. Being recognise as the formidable type of fighter jet in northern atmosphere, Su-30mkm act as the first line of air defence in Malaysia. This is after all the most sophisticated aircraft in TUDM inventory.(did you know Malaysian MiG-29 pilot have scoring successful victory over Aussies F-18 in an exercise during 1999. Scoring at one to all leaving heart breaking Aussies to buy new weapon suite from US). The aircraft design is a derivative from Su-30mki belongs to Indian Air Force. Its aircraft structure was the same with Su-3omki but the avionic system were different.  The MKM is equipped with France avionics(Thales). The Thales wide angle HUD has replace Israeli ElOp HUD mounted on Su-30MKI. Most of the avionics part of the aircraft was replaced by France-system since Malaysia didn’t have diplomatic relation with Israel. (Israel butthurt..LoL)..

This is Awesome…

As awesome as it sound, Su-30mkm is the most formidable aircraft operational at south-east asia( and later Singapore butthurt and ask uncle Sam to develop F-15 silent eagle..which is believed at par with su-30mkm..malaysia butthurt). Let’s make it clear, the F-15SG silent eagle is more formiddble than MKM just because it have better stealth configuration. It have lower radar cross section (RCS) compared to MKM. Ok let’s leave Steruland behind and concentrate to MKM….

Comparison with F-35 and F-18super Bug

  • Engine-AL-31FP trust vector-controll(TVC) and fly-by-wire system. Enable MKM to do cobra manoeuvre to dodge heat seeking missile.

Cobra maneuver

  • French made Identification Friend-or-Foe(IFF) system, situated at in front on top of the nose section.
  • Upgraded Russian warning receiver & electronic countermeasure(ECM). Infrared (IR) dispenser with 98 cartridge of flare and chaff)

high band defensive electronic jammer

  • Thales Damocles system equal to FLIR on US F-18, this system ensure MKM conduct round the clock air-land surveillant or strike capabilities. Act as surface targeting, thermal imaging, identification, tracking&locking target and laser marking for laser-guided bomb.
  • Radar-NIIP Bars phased-array… enables MKM to detect 15 target and engaging 4 of them simultaneously..

The MKM can engaging the target at range of 160KM with the uses of R-77Adder missile

  • My favourite= Sura Helmet-mounted target designator..(pilot just have to pandang target and shoot, leaving enemy butthurt)
  • Wire variety of weapons.. Laser guided bomb, smart bomb, tv guided bomb, BVR, AVV-AE, u name it…..(the list go on coz’ TUDM did enjoying shopping at Russian, Indonesia butthurt coz’ they only buy basic plane with no missile, it’s like awek comel tapi takde gigi, pathetic giler).

Su-30mk bombs and missiles

The Disadvantage

  • The Russian technologies often known to be unreliable.
  • Not combat proven platform.
  • High operational cost
  • Have higher radar cross section(RCS) due to presence of canard.

The Ruskies technology often know to be unreliable weapon system   Demon or Lemon.? Lastly for my conclusion, Su-30mkm vs F-15SG-seri…Su-30mkm vs the rest of fighter jet at south east nation-of course la MKM…Demon.

Su-30MKM in detail


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